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Protect And Strengthen Tooth Structure

Your dental health is our top priority at Wisler Dental. We are committed to providing an array of dental services that meet all of your needs regarding the look and functionality of your teeth. If you are currently experiencing issues with your teeth, contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Understanding Dental Crowns

A dental crown is a tooth-shaped cap that is placed over a tooth to restore its strength, shape, size, and improve its general appearance.

Once in place, dental crowns can provide stability for teeth that have been damaged, but not to the point of unrepair. At Wisler Dental, we only use the highest quality products when performing services such as crowns and other restorative dental care. We will do our best to match the crown's color and shade to your surrounding natural teeth. Contact us today to schedule a full evalution.

Types Of Dental Crowns

  • Metal (gold alloy, palladium, nickel, or chromium)
  • All-ceramic
  • All-porcelain
  • All-resin
  • Porcelain fused-to-metal

Purpose Of A Dental Crown

  • Protects a weak or broken tooth
  • Restore a tooth that is severely worn down
  • Support a dental bridge
  • Cover a dental implant or discolored tooth
  • Cosmetic modification